Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Funny stories

I know, I know I never post anything, but I just had to share some of the things that have been happening at work lately.
First of all, EFY has started, so there are all these adorably stupid teenagers walking around. My favorite conversation:
Kid: Do you have construction paper?
Me: Construction paper?
Kid: Yeah, like, nice paper?
I tried not to roll my eyes at him before I told him where the stuff was. Then we had this one girl come in looking for a book called Chiasmus in Antiquity, but she could not get that out to save her life. The closest she got was Chee-asmus in Iniquity. And even after we got the title sorted out, she still couldn't say it right!
But then just as I start to think that the customers are the funny ones, this kid that I work with, Parker, comes to work and has to tell me about this word that he learned while reading Shakespeare. He says "It sounded like a really cute, affectionate word, but then I looked it up and it means whore!" What was the word? "Um...don't remember, I should go look at a thesaurus!" Okay... So he finally finds the word--strumpet! See isn't that a cute word? He told the other guy who works mornings, and Frank says, "It kinda sounds like trumpet." And Parker says "Yeah! Or strawberries!" Haha I just laughed. Smart kid, but as Momma says, evidently he doesn't watch the same movies that we do.
New titles:
Android Karenina
Little Women and Werewolves
In Cuba I was a German Shepherd
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

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Lisa said...

K, Lisa needs an update: 5 months ago and there is nothing on the blog. It's not like you don't have a computer or internet... let's go here. :)